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The Downfall Tide sequel, Star Crossing, is now available as an e-book for Kindle here.

The Hurricane Moon sequel Downfall Tide is now available as an e-book for Kindle here and also in ePub format at various digital stores, with a print edition to come.

Hurricane Moon is available as an e-book for Kindle here and also in ePub format at various digital stores.

Kindle editions of my science fiction stories are available here. More are on the way.

book A novelette-length sequel to Star Crossing appears in the new science fiction romance e-book anthology Pets in Space! Nine authors spin tales of adventure, romance and love in space, and thereon hang that many tales. And a few tails. Pets in Space is available where e-books are sold including Amazon Kindle, Barnes and Noble Nook, and Apple iBooks


Aeon's Legacy

bookThe final journey of Aeon has reached yet another world - a hopeful new beginning after the disastrous events in Downfall Tide. The first generation of colonists from Earth either perished or had to be left behind.

In Star Crossing, their children encounter wonders and terrors, aliens and friends, in a place stranger than anything they ever imagined.

It's like a Bermuda Triangle in space . . . half as old as time. But even here, faith and hope endure, and love is stronger than death.

Avendis Press 2016
Downfall Tide
Avendis Press 2014
Hurricane Moon
Avendis Press 2015

Hurricane Moon

Pyr SF&F
ISBN 978-1-59102-545-0


"Love flourishes amid technical puzzles and planetary mysteries in Latner's strong debut... Well-known for her hard SF short fiction, Latner should win new readers with this fine first novel."—Publisher's Weekly

"For those of us entertained by contemplating starship designs, planetary choice criteria, and biological considerations, this book has it all. But the book is also a great read for those who enjoy science fiction about people making choices based on the kind of world and future they want to build for themselves."—National Space Society Book Reviews

"Atmospheric, haunting and evocative, Hurricane Moon is not to be missed."—Starlog

"Top pick! …The characters are well defined; the science is imaginative but not whimsical; and the voyage is out of this world."—Romantic Times

"Hurricane Moon…is a resonant achievement."—Washington Post Book World

A new print edition is in the works. Meanwhile I have copies of the original trade paperback. 
Please contact me about obtaining an autographed copy. 

Cover of Hurricane Moon
Cover Art by Brian W. Dow

Hello and welcome to my web site.

photo of Alexis
photo by Mark W. Montague

I write speculative fiction and belong to the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (SFWA).  I also work at the Rice University Library in Houston, Texas and teach creative writing through Rice University's School of Continuing Studies.

I edit and proofread as well and work with other writers as an editor and/or mentor.

When not taking flights of the mind - i.e., working on books and stories - my favorite activity is flying sailplanes.  I have a private pilot glider rating. The sky always beckons.  

I also write nonfiction.  My articles on academic and technical as well as aviation-related and creative writing topics have appeared in international, national, and regional print and online magazines. Due to the circumstances of my mother's final days, I'm writing a book that I've titled Final Glide: A Nursing Home Coping Guide.

I have an MA in Systematic Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley, California.  At the GTU, I affiliated with the Center for Theology and the Natural Sciences.  There I was able to explore the relationship between religion and science before I started writing science fiction.  My science fiction and fantasy tends to have theological or spiritual angles.